The events were hosted in a virtual environment which allowed attendees to view and participate in sessions from the comfort of their own homes! To explore our view-on-demand sessions, please log in here

The password is case sensitive, please make sure you have caps lock on/off where necessary. Follow the steps for Forgot Password. If you have done this and the password is still not working, email canadapost.postescanada@proofexperiences.com and we will reset the password for you. 

We recommend using Google Chrome as the browser of choice.  If you are still having issues, please check your internet connection. Moving your computer closer to the wireless internet router or plugging an ethernet cable directly into your computer from the router can improve your internet connection. We recommend you close other browsers, log off VPN and be mindful of how many other devices are connected to the same internet connection within your space.  

Anyone who registered for the event will have access to the Resource hub.

Here you will find session recordings after the event concludes and additional resource documents. If you are not a registered attendee, please register here.

Please contact support at canadapost.postescanada@proofexperiences.com