Conference Agenda

Wednesday, May 29, 2024
8:00 AM 8 h 00

Breakfast, registration and networking

9:00 AM 9 h 00

Opening remarks

Nadia Chegrinec | Director, Integrated Marketing Communications and Channels | Canada Post

Nadia kicks off our event with a welcome speech. She will set the stage for what will be a fast-paced, informative and inspiring event by sharing her thoughts on the role of expertise, innovation and collaboration in helping businesses to embrace the future.

9:10 AM 9 h 10

Canada Post journey

Serge Pitre | Vice President, Business Development | Canada Post

Canada Post is in the midst of its latest transformation, a mission with one purpose: A Stronger Canada Delivered. Serge shares how this journey is guiding the company and how we do business.

9:15 AM 9 h 15

Gen Z research

Sarah Mottet | General Director | Léger

Sarah will present the highlights of Léger’s sixth Étude Jeunesse, Canada’s largest study of Generation Z members. Aimed at helping us gain insight into our relationship with this increasingly influential group, the study focuses on 3 areas of particular concern to Gen Z – the future, finance and employment.

10:00 AM 10 h 00

Rapid fire with a Gen Z

Sarah Mottet and Maude Nolet

You’ll never know unless you ask – so we’re asking. Welcome Sarah as she is joined on stage by Maude for a Vogue-inspired 73 questions session with a Gen Z. This is an opportunity to get to know a member of this exciting generation through fun, rapid-fire questions. Sarah will uncover Maude's interests and hobbies, priorities and values, as well as her aspirations and future outlook.

10:10 AM 10 h 10

Networking break

10:45 AM 10 h 45

AI journey: From hype to reality 

Ronnie Malewski | Managing Director | NPD Canada

Forget the hype! AI is here – and its possibilities are near limitless for marketers looking to connect with audiences in new and exciting ways. Join Ronnie as he explores how major brands are using AI to solve real-world marketing challenges. As an agency leader, he will share his own experiences in tapping into AI for clients and provide some guiding principles he’s found useful along the way. Get inspired and informed with a practical take on the world of AI.

11:05 AM 11 h 05

Humans in the loop | Interactive panel conversation

Speakers: Melanie Beland, Sarah Mottet, Maude Nolet, Andrea Gomez, and you!

Gen Z is driven by heart and personal values – not exactly the strength of machines. So, what happens when a generation that demands authenticity meets an AI revolution? In our panel discussion, we’ll look at how we can bring together the genuine values of Gen Z with the growing world of AI. We’ll talk about the important role of “humans in the loop,” ensuring that human perspectives remain a key focus in our increasingly AI-driven world. Our panel will also discuss how AI can be adapted to connect better with younger generations and what this means for business decisions. 

Through polls, questions and other interactive elements, attendees will have a voice in directing the conversation as the panelists explore how to blend human authenticity with the advancements in AI technology. This session promises to be a dynamic and collaborative experience that will leave everyone with practical insights and actionable takeaways on how to navigate the future with confidence.

11:40 AM 11 h 40

Audience Q&A

Speakers: Melanie Beland, Serge Pitre, Sarah Mottet, Maude Nolet, Andrea Gomez, Nadia Chegrinec and you!

11:55 AM 11 h 55

Closing remarks

Nadia Chegrinec